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Melanie Moore Designs

comb 2French Twist Combs

Patent No. 5,249,589

$25.00 to $359.00

Melanie Moore owns U.S. Patent No. 5,249,589 on the French Twist Comb and its usage. The combs have seven 2-3/4" long teeth and are made of the finest resilient acetate. The following collection shows a variety of styles from sportive to evening. Our handcrafted metal combs have slightly longer teeth and will hold a bun, Gibson style and a French Twist. Since we make the metal combs ourselves by hand with hammer and torch, we will be happy to make whatever tine length you need to accommodate your needs.

Combs Catalog 1

Combs Catalog 2

Combs Catalog 3

Combs Catalog 4


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